In all of his “small town”, on-location speeches around the country, President Obama acknowledges a local businessperson who is thriving in that community. During his trip here to Portland last week, Obama gave a shout out to Bill “Bill the Beer Guy” Milliken, who owns Market House Coffee and Maine Beer & Beverage, both in Portland’s Public Market House. In exchange for plugging Milliken’s business during the speech, Obama told the crowd that he expected some good Maine beers in return.

And that’s precisely what he’s getting. It was announced today that Milliken, in conjunction with Southern Maine’s Nappi Distributors and the Maine Brewers Guild, are sending one GIANT beery care package to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In fact, the guild expects that all 17 of its members will contribute at least a beer to the presidential gift, leaving the white house in good beer supply for quite some time.

“It’s a great moment for Maine and it’s wonderful for Maine beer”,

Says Shipyard Brewing and Maine Brewers Guild spokeswoman Tami Kennedy. Enjoy the beer, Mr. President!


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