People-powered, Twitter-inspired beers seem to be all the rage in the quickly growing craft beer two point oh scene. In fact, you may remember a couple of months ago when the Bay Area’s 21st Amendment Brewing brewed what they called a #twitterbrew, during which the brewery’s followers could track the brewing process and follow along through frequent posts to

Well, now it looks like Fort Collins’ Odell Brewing (@odellbrewing) has gone and taken things one step further. According to The Coloradoan,

The beer is Odell’s first Twitter community inspired beer, meaning followers of the company’s Twitter page were able to “tweet” their sugges-tions [sic] for what style the beer should be and vote on the beer’s color, strength, body and hops character.

Twitter followers of the brewery even were able to vote on the Twitter-inspired names such as: Darkside, Hashtag Schwarz, Fail Whale Black Ale and the winner by five votes, Blackbird.

Now that the beer is brewed and the name has been selected, Odell is keeping the beer’s buzz going by letting its followers submit designs for the beer’s tap handle design via direct message. Anyone can then vote on their favorite design over at Polldaddy (you don’t need to be on Twitter or following Odell to vote) by clicking here. There are definitely some great designs up so far, check ’em out.

The final limited release Schwarz Beer will be released at the brewery’s tap room in Fort Collins during the tapping party this Saturday. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the first limited release will only be available in the brewery’s tap room, and will not be sold in stores.



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