Just wanted to write a reminder that the contest I’m sponsoring here on BlogAboutBeer ends THIS THURSDAY September 11th at 10pm EST. So far there have only been a handful on entries so your chances of winning one of the 5 overall prize packages is pretty darn good. So, why not enter?

There are over $500 worth of prizes and entering could be as easy as commenting on the original contest announcement post (there are plenty of other ways to enter, too; and each one affords you more entries into the contest!).

I know those who have already entered probably don’t want me to post this (since right now they’re pretty much guaranteed one of the prizes) but I know that at least 130 of you will see this through my RSS feed; what are you waiting for? Take a second and enter to win – who knows, you may come away Friday morning with a brand new video camera!

Good luck and happy winning!


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