As the Terrapin Beer Company, which opperates out of Athens, Georgia, continues their long wait for a state brewing license (the company signed a lease for a 45,000-square-foot brewery in March!), frustration among brewers and fans alike is growing. But now the Terrapin team has an answer for those looking to show solidarity: grow your ‘stache! According to the company’s website,

It started when head brewer Brandon Stull announced, “We shouldn’t shave our mustaches until we get the license.” Terrapin realized what a great visual representation a mustache could be for how long it’s taking to get their brewing license. Vice President of Marketing Dustin Watts says, “We only wish we had thought of this the day we applied for the license.”

Terrapin founder John Cochran adds,

“It’s a fun way to show your support for Terrapin. Plus, it’s ‘green.’ It’s peaceful. It’s funny!”

Terrapin Beer Company is quickly becoming known as one of the more experimental breweries in the South. The company’s flagship Rye Pale Ale was voted as the best pale ale in the country at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival while the Golden Ale won a silver medal at the 2004 World Beer Cup. In addition Terrapin has released an India Style Brown Ale and also produces a line of four high-gravity seasonal brews known as the Monster Beer Tour. This includes the Big Hoppy Monster, the Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, the Rye Squared and the All American Imperial Pilsner.

Best of luck, Terrapin. While I already sport a closely shorn beard/stache combo, I’ll keep it in place just for you guys. Cheers.

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