This weeks T-Shirt Tuesday is another shirt that I received from the great people at Craft Brewed Clothing Co.

One of the cool things about getting shirts from Craft Brewed Clothing Co. is that you get shirts from all over the US. They don’t just stick with large breweries, so you get to experience multiple breweries you may not even know existed.

That is exactly what this months shirt was for me. It comes from Hawcreek Brewing Co. out of Hope, Indiana. Before I got the shirt, I’d never heard of them (since I’m a west coaster).

Looking at their Facebook page it appears that they are a pretty small operation (I’m guessing it’s about a 1bbl system). If I’m ever in Indiana I’ll definitely look for their beers to give them a try. Until then I’ll just wear their shirt around.

Hawcreek Brewing Co.

Have you had anything from Hawcreek Brewing Co.? What do you think of their beer?