Pete BrownThree months ago British beer writer Pete Brown ( author of Man Walks into a Pub and Three Sheets to the Wind) brewed himself an IPA and set sail, destined to travel around the Cape of Good Hope and into India, in order to recreate the trips IPAs used to make from London breweries to the British colonies in India over 140 years ago.

Well, just a few days ago, after many trials and tribulations, Brown has reached his destination, a very well-balanced, hoppy IPA in tow. With plans to write a book about the whole experience, Brown comments on his blog very notably that,

I’d say the journey has done what we all believed it was supposed to do. I’ve found large elements of the IPA story to be myth, but this central fact – it wasn’t just the brewer but also the journey that created this beer – holds up.

I can firmly believe that this was what IPAs used to taste like in India 150-200 years ago. It just makes perfect sense for the climate – not to mention the food.

Congratulations on the trip’s completion, Pete, what a fantastic opportunity and one I am truly jealous of. I can only hope the book will be available over here across the Pond.

*If you’re unfamiliar with the history of the IPA style, do yourself a favor and read up on it; this story will have a lot more meaning that way.



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for following the story! I’m really hoping the book will get a US publication. We’ve had some interest but they want to see the finished manuscript before making any decision. Interest in the journey on blogs like this only strengthen my case that there is a market for this book in the US. I’m dreaming of a US release so I can come promote the book and sample American IPAs on my way round!



  2. I think Pete needs to write a book about the American beer revolution from a British perspective. This way he can sample all of the hoppy beers that make America such a great beer country!

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