There was an article in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution entitled Is Beer Becoming the New Wine? The article didn’t say much and was mostly just a press release for an upcoming beer dinner at a place called Twain’s in Decatur. Although the article did preface the information about the beer dinner by saying,

The nose is just a little bit forward, with a heavy finish towards the back of throat — effervescent, with lots of caramel. It should taste wonderful with roasted pork shoulder and braised winter vegetables. It would be equally as good with a bit of chocolate cake.

No, it’s not wine — beer has become the hip drink to pair with foods these days. Consequently, beer-pairing dinners are popping up all over town.

Which – along with the title, of course – got me thinking: is beer really becoming “the new wine”? While I don’t think beer dinners and beer & food pairing will ever over-take wine events (although it really, really should; the pairings are just down-right better), will there be a day when the two are seen as equals? Or is wine culture just too ingrained in our psyche to allow beer to catch up? What are your thoughts?



  1. In Portland at least, it looks like beer has taken great strides in gaining parity with beer. It’s not there yet but the fact that there are blogs like yours in Maine and none devoted to wine (despite there being several Maine wineries)speaks volumes.

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