It’s officially October (not sure where this year went), and I was just starting to think about what I should be for Halloween this year. I was thinking of something beer related and did a quick Google search and found some ideas that I thought I’d pass on to you.

While there aren’t tons of great ideas, you can use your imagination and get the creative juices flowing to come up with a great costume.

Beer Keg Costume

Beer Keg

Why not go as a beer keg. You could get a basic costume like this one at Costume Discounters and modify it a bit. Find a sticker from your favorite craft brewery and put if over the generic “beer keg” text on the front of the costume.

If you could make a costume that actually had beer in it that you could dispense, that might just be the ultimate costume ever created.

Old Milwaukee Beer Can Costume

A Can or Bottle of Beer

The next best thing besides dressing up as a keg for a beer fan would be to come as a bottle or can of beer. While there aren’t a lot of pre-made costumes for good craft beer out there, use your creativity.

There are a few that you could check out. A can of Old Milwaukee (mens or women’s) might be a good choice for the hipsters out there.

Also check out this beer bottle. Generic, but could be a good place to start.

Beer Girl CostumeA Beer Girl

While hopefully this one is just for the ladies, a beer girl costume is a classic but still a great option. If you search any costume site, there are a ton of different options you could go with from the standard bavarian beer girl to the swiss version.

Costume Discounters have over 25 different options to choose from and all that you really would need to add is a couple of large mugs of beer in each hand.

Also remember it’s halloween so any beer that’s in your mugs is yours. There is no need to give them away to the fellas.

Bavarian Beer GuyBavarian Beer Guy

There aren’t just bavarian costumes for the ladies. Guys, live your fantasy of being at Oktoberfest in Germany by wearing some German lederhosen shorts, suspenders and the whole get up.

If you’re looking for a couples costume, this would work well with the bavarian beer girl costumes just mentioned. Have your own Oktoberfest. Just supply the beer.

Check out this Bavarian beer guy costume from Totally Costumes.

Bartender CostumeA Bartender

Ok, a bartender isn’t that exciting, but give it a twist. Make yourself a craft beer specialist (use your imagination) or maybe a wild west bartender equipped with a bow tie and mustache. Check out this bartender costume, I wish I could grow a sweet stache like that.

The best part of being a bartender is you can distribute beer to your friends all night which gives you all the power. Make sure to keep all the best beers for yourself though.

A Hop Cone

Hope Cone Costume

I would love to have a hop cone costume. The only problem is that I wasn’t able to find any out there and I’m not that creative. If you’re the creative type though, make yourself a little hop cone suit.

For an added bonus get some real hops and rub them on the suit so you smell nice and fresh. If you’ve seen a costume like this or have one, please send me a picture (that would make me happy).

What are you going to be for halloween? Share your ideas in the comment section below.