If you live in or happen to be vacationing anywhere near the vacinity of the Pine Tree State this week, be sure and get yourself to Novare Res for two of the biggest beer events happening in Maine in two thousand and nine. First, tomorrow (Tuesday August 4th) sees the 2nd annual Dogfish Head Fest with 23 beers from the folks at Dogfish, including

Limited releases and all the rare shit. Pairings of 4 dfh beers with your choice of 4 meats, 4 cheeses, 4 fruits & nuts, or 4 chocolates. Plus a special superstar appearance of Sam Calagione, owner/brewmaster, from 6-8pm. Beers and pairings all day.

And if that wasn’t enough, this weekend (Friday August 7 and Saturday August 8th) checkout the second annual Rogue-a-palooza. This time it will be even bigger than last year, if that’s possible. Again, the most Rogue beers ever poured anywhere at any given time. But this year there are two additional beers being poured, for a total of 30 Rogue brews. Plus plenty of rare kegs and lots of give-aways. See you there!



  1. I’ve been looking forward to this Dogfish Night since the previous one last summer.  I’m so excited for 75 Minute IPA!  I’m sad to say I’m going to miss the Rogue weekend, as I’ll be out of town (but at least I’ll be attending the Flour City Brewers Fest while I’m gone).  I hope you can post a review and draft list for those of us who will be missing it.

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