• Two groups in the city of Milwaukee are working to create a beer-themed museum. The Museum of Beer & Brewing, headed by Jim Haertel, hopes to open a museum in one of the buildings he owns at the old Pabst Brewing works. The other group, the Milwaukee Beer Museum, has a storefront on S. 5th St.
  • Between January and August 2007 sales of beer in the country of Poland improved by as much as 12% year on year, with a volume of 25.39 million hl, according to the Association of Beer Industry Employers. Click here to read more.
  • British rocker Mick Jagger credits his love of food and beer with keeping him slim. The musician was quoted on online sources stating that “I have to eat and eat and have a few beers to keep my 140 pounds going.” The lanky 5 foot 10 inch Jagger’s lean frame has remained constant throughout his almost 45 year career.
  • France’s Aromatech has developed a range of flavors the company claims can help brewers take advantage of the growing demand for fruit-flavored beer. The company said its BeMix flavors are meant to help brewers achieve a mix of tastes – from coconut to raspberry – in response to declining traditional beer sales. A spokesperson said:

“Thanks to the fact that the main reason for buying this category of products is taste, BeMix can diversify the beer based beverages range with original associations and trendy flavors.” (Click here for more on this story).


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