One thing that I’ve learned from running this beer blog for awhile is people are incredibly innovative when it comes to opening their alcohol. It seems like there is always a new style of bottle opener coming out, showing just how creative people are.

The most recent bottle opener I’ve added to my collection is The BROpener. No, it’s not a device that opens mens bras (if you’re not familiar, check out this Seinfeld clip). The BROpener is a small opener that allows you to turn any flat and stable surface into a bottle opener.

Made of anodized aluminum, the small opener features a crazy strong magnet that works to catch your cap. You can choose between either red, silver, or a custom design if you want to order in bulk.

On the back there is a small piece of 3M VHB tape that allows you to stick it securely to any surface. Careful though, that stuff is strong so choose where you put it wisely or you’ll be fighting to get it off.

The video below does a good job showing how and where to install it:

The guys over at The BROpener sent me out a couple to try out and I was eager to give it a crack.

The BROpener Package
The BROpener Package

I ended up placing mine right on my beer fridge so I had easy access when pulling out a bottle. I’ll admit that like a typical guy I was too eager to try it that I didn’t read the instructions at first. After about 5 minutes of trying to get the beer opened, I gave up thinking this thing was useless. However I read through the instructions and watched the instructional video and realized you have to give the cap a good thump (I was just trying to use it like a regular opener which didn’t get me anywhere).

Pow, the first strike opened the cap right up. It’s actually a lot easier than I was thinking, plus I felt pretty tough cracking that beer open. I’m still a bit amazed at how strong the magnet is that catches the cap.

While it does take a little getting used to, I’m liking this opener more and more. I do fear I’ll knock my beer out of my hands, but I’m sure that feeling will go away with more practice. And more practice I shall do.

Check out The BROpener website for all the details.

And no, they didn’t pay me for this review. They just were kind enough to send me out a few to try so I figured I’d let you guys know them.