Uinta Detour Double IPAI’ve always been a sucker for good design when it comes to beer packaging. A well designed package is important these days with so many options facing consumers on the shelves, so when I see a brewery improve their design, it makes me take notice.

Just today, Uinta Brewing Company announced the release of Detour Double IPA in a 12oz bottle with a full redesign.

First brewed and released in 2010 as a core brand in their Crooked Line of beers, Detour Double IPA escalated into a brand that no longer fit in with the limited release nature intended for Uinta’s Crooked Line.  And so, Uinta gave the brand a face lift, adapting its packaging to emerge the brand into their Classic Line of beers.

Uinta Detour Old Design
Uinta Detour Old Design
So what changed? In lieu of a 750ml cork and caged finished bottle, Detour will be bottled in Uinta’s proprietary 12oz Compass Bottle and adorned with new label artwork that adopts the outdoorsy, adventurous look and feel of Uinta’s Classic Line.

The Detour label depicts a Vintage International Scout and Airstream Camper heading away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ towards the great outdoors; the type of ‘Detour’ that resonates with the Uinta team and consumers alike.

Detour will be available in a 4 pack and is scheduled to hit shelves in early February.

As for the beer, Detour’s hop profile will be kicked up a few notches with the addition of a fifth hop, Citra, which boosts citrusy characteristics in the beer.  A scenic tour of hops, consumers can expect a bright and bold Double IPA.