I’m really not sure how I missed this one when it first arrived but I discovered these videos yesterday and thought that they were so good, I wanted to make sure no one else missed them either.

Apparently the longer version of the first video embedded below served as the introduction to the keynote speech by Greg Koch, CEO of the Stone Brewing Co, at the 2009 Craft Brewers Conference in Boston, MA earlier this year. Since then, the video has become the focal point of IamaCraftBrewer.com and has made its way around Twitter and the rest of the social Interwebs. According to the site,

“I Am A Craft Brewer” is a collaborative video representing the camaraderie, character and integrity of the American Craft Brewing movement. Created by Greg Koch, CEO of the Stone Brewing Co. and Chris & Jared of Redtail Media…and more than 35 amazing craft brewers from all over the country. The video was shown to a packed audience of 1700 craft brewers and industry members at the 2009 Craft Brewers Conference as an introduction to Greg’s Keynote Speech entitled “Be Remarkable: Collaboration Ethics Camaraderie Passion.”

There are now 3 videos featured on the site itself, with links at the end of each video to a few more responses. The videos are the edited-down 3 minute version of the introduction video (seen below), a 4+ minute original version and Koch’s 46+ minute keynote address itself. And then there’s the other video I embedded below which is a response to the original introduction, which was produced by the same folks later in the summer.

I Am A Craft Brewer from I Am A Craft Brewer on Vimeo.

I Am A Craft Brewer :: Reactions from I Am A Craft Brewer on Vimeo.

The bottom of the homepage at IamaCraftBrewer.com says “A program is in development to include even more of America’s amazing craft brewers. Please stay tuned!” – from these videos alone, I can’t wait to see what it is. Do yourself a favor and watch at least these two videos if not all of them. They truly embody why this is such a great and such a fun industry to be a part of or a fan of. Watch them – they’ll leave you feeling warm & fuzzy and in need of a good brew. Enjoy and here’s to (better) beer!



  1. I love these videos and I’m happy to report that I’ve had the good fortune of tasting selections from many of the brewers featured.  I think these capture the spirit of the industry in an accurate and compelling way.

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