You may have seen this already this morning over at A Good Beer Blog, but wrote a piece today about the 3Tides and Marshall Wharf Brewery, a new Maine Microbrewery upda coast in Belfast, profiling brewery owner David Carlson and brewmaster Dan McGovern. describes the 3Tides beers as,

“homemade and tasty, and they reflect a national movement toward hoppy brews with alcohol contents ranging to 10 percent.”

The accompanying article details their brewing process, complete with photo parade by Tina Shute. The entrepreneurial side of Carlson –which is right up my ally — sees his brewery as an up-and-coming economic force for the seaside city.

“I know people are aware we’re here,” he said, “and that we’re making really good beers. Over the next three, four or five months more people will know we’re doing this, and it will bring people to Belfast.”

3Tides is hopping; brewers tap into ‘extreme’ beer market” [Village Soup]
(image by Tina Shute)

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