post on A Good Beer Blog today alerted me to the release of the  Ontario Craft Brewer’s Discovery Pack,

a six pack that is now becoming available throughout Ontario featuring beers from six separate breweries.

A truly brilliant idea, in my opinion, and a fantastic way to showcase a region’s microbrews. Its good for the breweries involved, good for the state or region, good for the Brewers’ Guild and, most of all, good for craft beer. That’s why, from my humble seat here in Portland, I’d like to call on the Maine Brewers’ Guild to coordinate a similar release. Think about it: a Gritty’s Best Bitter in the same 6-pack as a Shipyard Fuggle IPA, a Geary’s HSA next to a Peak Organic Nut Brown, or even a Stonecoast Knuckleballer Bock chillin’ with a Sebago Midnight Porter; the possibilities are endless and all good.

So, Brewers’ Guild, heed the call: stock our deprived shelves with The Maine Brewers’ Guild Discovery 6-pack today!


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