Thanks to Russ — a good friend and regular reader — for the tip on this. Of course, at this point nothing can be confirmed (it was found in a BA discussion forum) but I’ll keep everyone updated as more details roll through. For now:

The Pannepot Brewpub and Cafe — a new Belgian Brew Pub, Cafe, and Beer Emporium — will reportedly open at the intersection of Forest Ave and Congress St. in downtown Portland, Maine around the end of March/beginning of April, 2008. The pub will reportedly be run by De Struise (BEL) breweries with some help from Nick Miccio (Russian River
Apprenticeship) And Ebenezers Pub Collaboration along with some French/American Le Cordon Bleu Chefs.

According to the original post, the pub is hoping to, with “constant collaborations from the best brewers from Europe”,

…brew 3 1/2 barrles at a time, and also feature 75-100 “elite draught choices”, and “over 1,000 bottles including many vintages to choose from, and serving them at 100%, with glasses razor sharp hand cleaned, perfect lacing and color every time, for true beer complexity. California/Fusion Cuisine is to be offered, and all of this priced so everyone can come play. We will also have a pro beer blender from Europe from time to time in the house as well. Nothing like it in the world.

Again, this is all the information available at the moment (if anyone knows anything more, please send it in) but I’ll post more info as soon as it becomes available. This is pretty big news for our small city and I’m very excited (and you should be too). cheers.

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  1. Hi –

    This sounds good, but that location is taken! There is a bar there now – it was renovated, but the original tenant (The Skinny) never moved in. It was empty for a while, but it has just opened as a bar / music space. I can see how it would have worked as a brewpub.

    But there are other empty spaces in town, hopefully there will be one that works for them.

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