Update on the Rock Art case: above is a YouTube video featuring Matt Nadeau of Rock Art Brewery. I had the pleasure of visiting with Nadeau at his brewery in October of 2008 and to put it quite simply, Rock Art is a great brewery producing great beers in a great part of the country. So please hop on Twitter, hop on YouTube, Facebook and anywhere else you can think of to keep on fighting the good fight for the little guy in America.

Also, please contact Hansens, the maker of Monster Energy, to voice your opinion to them directly (or send them a message via Twitter @HansensNatural). Besides, Red Bull is better anyway 🙂

PS – Thanks to Billy Broas for the comment on my previous post explaining that Hansen isn’t owned by AB (as the AB website would have us believe); they simply have a long-term distribution agreement (similar to their relationship with Redhook). For more info, check out this article from The Motley Fool. Good luck, Rock Art!



  1. I just cringe every time I hear of some small business getting slammed by a big company just because they think some nimrod will confuse their product name with another. What happens when every word in the dictionary is trademarked?  Will we be able to create anything after that?  Or will product names simply have a unique number.  I think Monster went too far here to protect their tradename.

  2. In addition to contacting Hansen, I encourage everyone in VT, PA, NY, NJ, CT and AZ to go out and buy a Rock Art beer this weekend and recommend the same to a friend. The best possible outcome Matt and Renee and their employees is tpo see their marketshare and their brewery strengthened as a result of this baseless bullying.  Besides, the Vermonster is perfect for a chilly Northeastern weekend!

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