Some big news coming across the wire today in the world of beer. One of America’s biggest “craft brewers” Redhook Brewery announced the launch of a new limited release program to begin in the Fall of 2008, and what better way to kick it off than the return of one of the beers that really put Redhook on the “better beer” map – Double Black Stout.

According to a tip leaked earlier this afternoon on BeerAdvocate: Beginning in early November 2008, Redhook will release a new and unique beer twice a year that will be packaged in 22oz “bomber” bottles. Each release will be hand crafted by Redhook’s brewers and will only be available at small, select liquor stores around the country.

According to brewery officials,

The limited release line will generate new excitement for the Redhook brand with consumers, retailers and wholesalers by offering unique, craft-credible beers that will inspire purchase in-store and build anticipation & buzz for the next beer release.

I was never lucky enough to try the Double Black Stout (which was brewed by Redhook from 1995-2000 using coffee from Starbucks) during the first time around but I’ve heard nothing but great things about the brew, so I for one am very excited to hear of its return.

Stay tuned for more information about the new Redhook Big Beer Series and future installments as it become available.


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