Acai Berry Wheat BeerIf you’ve been following the latest weight loss craze the past few years you’re probably familiar with Açai Berries.  Known for their antioxidant properties, Eel River Brewing decided to put them in a beer and call it simply Açai Berry Wheat. One of the interesting aspects of the beer is that it’s certified organic, so I guess you can look at it as a health drink.

Pouring the beer it was a light golden wheat color with a ton of carbonation.  There was a finger or two width of head that dissipated almost instantly leaving no lacing that I could see.

It has a slight berry smell with a slight hint of wheat. The aroma of the beer is very light and I had to really dig my nose into the glass to get a good smell.

The first drink I had caught me by surprise. Was I drinking a berry flavored sparkling soda or beer. It has a nice light taste that reminds me a lot more of a soda than beer. The taste is very sweet with a strong berry flavor and….water, that’s about it. I feel like this is more of a malted beverage than a wheat beer, but it isn’t bad.

I could see how beer geeks wouldn’t like this one all that much as it’s lacking a lot, but I think a lot of non beer drinkers might like it if they’re into sweet drinks.  With it being so carbonated it doesn’t feel like I’m drinking a beer.

This is definitely a different beer experience and maybe if you drink enough you might start losing weight.  Isn’t that what Acai is supposed to do? Just kidding.

My Eel River Açai Berry Wheat Review: B-

Here are the details:

ABV: 4%
IBUs: Unknown (I’d guess 10 at the most)
Style: Berry Wheat

What’s your thoughts on Eel River Açai Berry Wheat?

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  1. You nailed this one for me. It was very drinkable since it was like a spiked soda.

    All the non-beer drinkers at the party loved it!

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