Best known for his Wharf Rat pubs in Fells Point and near Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Bill Oliver is now looking to get the craft-brewed Oliver Ales they serve into bottles and onto store shelves.

After brewing beer onsite in the basement of the 107-year-old building on West Pratt Street for 15 years, Oliver is looking to open a larger brewery in a new location, possibly outside city limits, to grow the business and expand into retail sales. Oliver said this could happen as early as the end of the year, or in early 2008.

Currently, the Wharf Rat brews about 1,000 gallons of draft beer annually. Oliver Ales consists of a slate of 18 craft-brewed ales like Oliver’s Best Bitter, Oliver Hot Monkey Love and Oliver Pagan Porter, which are sold at the two locations, besides being distributed elsewhere. Oliver said bottling the beers would not only generate revenue through retail sales, but would also increase sales at bars and restaurants offering Oliver Ales on draft.


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