Flying Dog Ales has announced the beer they will introduce next month to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The beer, named Raging Bitch (yep, you read that right) is an Belgian-style IPA and, as usual for Flying Dog, features the fantastic artwork of Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman. According to the press release,

The beer itself, an American IPA fermented with Belgian yeast, is beautifully balanced between the Belgian fruity and citrus hop characteristics at the relatively high alcohol at 8.3% ABV.  Raging Bitch comes on the heels of Flying Dog being honored as Mid Sized Brewing Company of the Year at this year’s Great American Beer Festival Flying Dog and after winning a string of medals and honors across Europe and Asia.  “This has truly been a milestone year for Flying Dog. It is very exciting to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary and Brewery of the Year going into 2010 with Raging Bitch,” said Kerchner.

The decision to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with the Belgian IPA became apparent after multiple successful batches and great consumer, distributor and retailer feedback.  “Raging Bitch represents what is fun about the recipe creation process and what goes into creating high-quality craft beer.  The brewers of Flying Dog are very excited to have a beer like this to celebrate our 20th anniversary,” says Matt Brophy, Sr. VP of Brewing Operations.

If you’re looking forward to Raging Bitch, the beer began shipping on December 8th and will be available in 6-packs and draft in beginning in January of 2010.  Plus, if you find yourself near Fredrick, MD next year, you’ll be able to pick up Raging Bitch in 750 ml limited edition hand-corked champagne bottles, which will include a numbered poster of the label design,  available for purchase at the brewery during Saturday tours.

Raging Bitch sounds like a helluva beer and I can’t wait to try it. Flying Dog has yet to disappoint for me personally and from the sound of things, they’ve outdone themselves again with this one. And happy 20th birthday, Flying Dog!



  1. With it being a Flying Dog brew and with a name like that who can resist at least giving it a try?

  2. Just picked up a case…..absolutely awesome. This is an hoppy IPA with some Belgian notes. A great way to celebrate 20 years.

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