According to a press release, which appeared today courtesy of Full Sail Brewing Co., a panel of international beer judges, who sampled from hundreds of lagers and ales from the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Australia and beyond to find the “Best Beers of the World”, have awarded Full Sail’s–a small employee-owned brewery from Hood River Oregon–Session Premium Lager with the top prize. 

Session Premium Lager, brewed by Full Sail Brewing Company, took top honors at the World Beer Awards, where it was deemed the “World’s Best Premium Lager.”  The competition was held in the U.K. and was conducted by Beers of the World, an international consumer magazine promoting–you guessed it–the very best beers of the world. Full Sail’s Executive Brewmaster, Jamie Emmerson said,

“We are honored to have been compared with beers from breweries world-wide that have been renowned for centuries. Session is a celebration of old-time American brewing and to be selected as the best in this most competitive of categories is a thrill for all of us at Full Sail,”

Added Irene Firmat, Full Sail’s CEO & Founder,

“It is truly exciting that our brewery can be recognized at such a prestigious global competition, and it proves that the craft beer movement in the United States and Full Sail are producing world class beers,”


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