In some good news for Good Beer Advocacy nation-wide, after years of biggering and biggering, it appears that sales of imported beer are on the decline. According to Brandweek,

Constellation Brands, Fairport, N.Y., which handles Corona and other Modelo products via the Crown Imports joint venture, did not, as usual, disclose exact figures last month, but CEO Robert Sands did say that third-quarter shipments for the leading brand declined by “low-single digits.”

Heineken, whose fate isn’t quite as bad, faces declining numbers, too. after posting increases at a rate of 7.7% from 2004 to 2006 (per Beer Marketers Insights), their numbers are up just 1.3% from January to June this year, compared to a year ago. 

Why the sudden change in beer-drinking trends? Analysts claim that a price increase for Corona, along with the growing popularity of local craft beers are starting to have an impact. Huzzah.

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