Happy St. Patrick’s Day, one and all! Despite my recent gripes about Guinness/Diageo and the holiday’s commercialization, it’s still a fun day and a good excuse to celebrate, regardless of your own cultural heritage. So, in order to celebrate ‘round here, I’ll share a joke that my brother sent me this morning. The original joke, from this video provided by the Baltimore Sun, is paraphrased below. Have a great, happy, safe and beer-filled St. Patty’s Day!

After an international beer festival, the Brewmaster from Guinness decides to take three of his American colleagues out for a pint to celebrate. The four men walk into a nearby pub and head up to the bar. The barkeep asks the Brewmaster from Miller what he would like to drink,

“I’ll have a High Life, the Champagne of Beers”.

The barkeep then asks the Brewmaster from Anheuser-Busch what he would like,

“I’ll have a Budweiser, please, the King of Beers”.

The barkeep then asks the man from Coors what he would like to drink,

“I’ll have a Coors, please, brewed with that Rocky Mountain taste”.

Lastly, the barman turns to the Brewmaster from Guinness and asks what he would like. The Guinness Brewmaster responds,

“I’ll take a Coca-Cola, please”.

“Surly you want a pint of Guinness?” The barman responds.

“If these gentlemen aren’t drinking beer, than neither am I!”


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