Across the globe Craft Brewers are going to great lengths (and putting just about anything into their beers) to differentiate themselves from the competition, and this is no exception: The chamber of commerce of the Japanese city of Kakegawa and Chiba-based microbrewery Megumi Brewery (which advertises itself as “Japan’s smallest brewery”) have announced that they’ve joined forces to produce “Kakegawa Genki” (lit. “Kakegawa Vitality”), beer containing green tea grown in Kakegawa. In the brewing process, green tea leaves are added at a ratio of 500 grams (about 1 pound 2 ounces) of tea leaves for each 190-liter (50-gallon) fermentation tank.




  1. Cool story. I’ve been wanting to try home brewing with green tea, specifically matcha green tea. I haven’t found any recipes and so I’ve been hesitant about trying this experiment. $40/batch of homebrew is $40 and I’d like to have something drinkable at the end.

    But what this gives me is a good starting point for the ratio of green tea to batch size. Looks like 50g (1.75oz) of green tea per 5 gallon batch.

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