The Forbes Magazine Traveler Website has just released a list of ten of the Best Beer Bars in America and guess who made the list – none other than local favorite, The Great Lost Bear. According to Forbes Traveler,

These bars have one thing in common: a ‘challenging’ beer list that goes beyond Stella Artois and Blue Moon… A great beer bar includes a mix of local, regional and national offerings, and some mechanism for matching beers and menu items.

The top ten — in the order they appear in the slide show, which may or may not be a ranking, it didn’t say — is as follows:

  1. Blind Tiger Ale House (New York, NY)
  2. Brickskeller (Washington, DC)
  3. Publick House and Monk’s Cell (Brookline, near Boston, MA)
  4. Brouwer’s Cafe (Seattle, WA)
  5. Brick Store Pub (Decatur, GA)
  6. Great Lost Bear (Portland, ME)
  7. Falling Rock Tap House (Denver, CO)
  8. Spuyten Duyvil (Brooklyn, NY)
  9. Toronado (San Francisco, CA)
  10. Hopleaf Bar (Chicago, IL)

Congratulations to the GLB (and to the Brickskeller, another personal favorite)!

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  1. The Brickskeller is in a class by itself, and for our fellow beer geeks, it’s probably the most important building in Washington, D.C. To be fair, it’s crowded, noisy and expensive, and I try to ignore the fact that they serve bison burgers, but it does have at least 500 kinds of beer on hand at any given time and around 800 on the menu — stuff you can’t find anywhere else in America. (Literally, ‘cuz they do some of their own importing.) Of course, any 500 beers will include dozens of bad ones, but it’s a great place to try new and different things; if you don’t like the first obscure British IPA you order, try three others. There’s beer from West Africa and Israel and Latvia. There’s a brewery lecture and beer-tasting dinner every month. from a Most impressively, the waitstaff is very knowledgeable about beer and can make good recommendations about the current seasonals and far-flung micros. Good food, too, and the owners also have a “cuisine a la biere” restaurant in D.C. (R.F.D. at 7th & H streets NW) with about 40 taps and 300 bottles. Most of the food is cooked with beer and the menu suggests good food/beer pairings.

  2. With regard to Brickskeller, any bar that makes such a great effort to carry so many beers is doing the right thing in my book. However, the thing that bothers me about Brickskeller is that they do not actually have so many of the beers on their beer menu. It is false advertising. I would much rather a place that has 200 beers on their beer menu, and actually carries those 200 beers.

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