People of Massachusetts rejoice – According to an official press release, Mayflower Brewing Company, a self-distributing microbrewery located in Plymouth, Massachusetts is all set and ready to brew. Director of Brewing Operations, Matthew Steinberg told the press,

“We have spent nearly 4 months building our brewery and we are excited to get things started.” 

Firing up the kettle is exactly what he wants to do, after 10 years of professional brewing, this is the longest time he has spent without mashing in.

Led by the company’s Founder, Drew Brosseau, Matthew and his assistant brewer, Ryan Gwozdz will brew Mayflower Pale Ale this week and expect to brew the second release, Mayflower Golden Ale, by the end of January. Brews in the future will be Mayflower IPA and Mayflower Porter. The Mayflower Brewing Company looks forward to opening a tasting room and retail space at their brewery within the coming months; for now – look for their beer in bottles and kegs state-wide. Cheers.


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