There certainly is environmental friendliness aplenty in the wide world of beer this week. Yesterday I spoke with Cheri Chastain about the environmental efforts of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and today the Michigan Brewing Co. has announced that their entire line will be produced using energy from bio-diesel from here on out. Wow!

According to a press release from the Michigan Brewing Co., the company will soon be brewing all of their batches powered entirely by bio-diesel. According to the press release,

“[The] Michigan Brewing Company recently partnered with Michigan State University to implement the MSU Bio-Refinery Training Facility, where MSU provides training on the production of various ‘bio’ products including ethanol and bio-diesel.”

As part of the training facility, Michigan State University recycles vegetable oil from the kitchens on the university’s campus, which is then collected, filtered and shipped to the Michigan Brewing Company.

And so, the Michigan Brewing Company will soon be running on 100% steam generated from bio-diesel.

This puts MBC at the top of its class of microbreweries for environmental friendly brewing. The first batch of beer brewed using bio-diesel generated steam was MBC’s specialty beer, Russian Imperial Stout.


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