New Belgium Brewing Co. — the third largest craft brewer in the country — has officially released their New Belgium Brewing Co. 2007-2008 “Sustainability Report” outlining the results of New Belgium’s “Triple Bottom Line” approach to business using metrics and data gathered over a five-year period. The “Triple Bottom Line” measurement looks at the environmental, economic and social effects of the brewery.

The report also highlights a number of the brewer’s environmental and sustainable initiatives, which include a decade-long commitment to using wind energy, and tracking the greenhouse gas life-cycle of a six-pack of the brewery’s famous Fat Tire beer. According to MSNBC,

“Environmental sustainability has always been a core value at New Belgium, so we felt it was time to take a measure of our progress,” said Jenn Orgolini, New Belgium’s Sustainability Director. “While it is gratifying to know that we have made great strides in our environmental performance, this report will help us set goals and make plans to help us close the gap in areas where we could stand to improve.”

What is fantastic, however, was the fact that I learned about New Belgium’s report through an article on MSNBC. It is always great to see initiatives from within the Craft Brewing industry (especially when those initiatives are environmentally-related) making into the mainstream media. It’s great attention for all the things that matter!

To read the original MSNBC article (which includes a list of some of the New Belgium report’s highlights), click here. And visit to read the full report and learn about all of the on-going sustainability efforts happening at New Belgium. Keep up the great work, guys!


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