What’s so great about 16-ounce cans? Simple, 4 more ounces of beer than your average 12-ounce can or bottle.

While multiple breweries have 16-ounce cans (a pint), the 12-ouncers still remain king of beer containers in the US. New Belgium Brewing out of Ft. Collins, CO is looking at changing things up with its newest year-round beer offering, Shift Pale Lager.

Shift will enter the market starting April 2nd, and you guessed it, they are only available in the larger 16-ounce cans. However the only downfall (if you can call it that), is that it will be offered in a four-pack, made of 100% recycled paper, so you might have to buy a few packs to properly stock your fridge.

We’re excited to put a New Belgium twist on pale lager,” said New Belgium spokesperson Bryan Simpson. “The 16-ounce can is the perfect delivery system for this beer and it travels well.”

New Belgium Shift

I’ve always been a fan of New Belgium and looking forward to trying their new 5% ABV beer. The lager is brewed with newly developed Nelson Sauvin hops which should give it a soft fruit flavor.

To check out if they will be launching it in your area, check out their beer finder here.

What do you think about 16-ounce cans?