Summer is a time when the weather is hot and the beer is typically cold and on the lighter side.  Hundreds of breweries across the world release their summer seasonals in an attempt to lure beer drinkers looking for a refreshing drink.  I had the opportunity to try one of these summer beers from a brewery known mainly for their brown ale.

I was eager to try out the bottle of Newcastle Summer ale that I received. I made sure not to read anything about the beer before I cracked it open so I could form my own opinion on it. I poured it into the glass and it appeared a light golden color with some nice head.

It smelled grainy and almost reminded me of the smell of Budweiser at an NFL football game. It did however smell a bit sweeter and I was picking up some slight citrus smells (think Budweiser with a lemon).

Drinking it was a bit disappointing.  The bottle says “Hops and Glory”, however I didn’t experience either.  There is very little hopiness to this beer, and it tasted very grainy.  It reminded me a bit of corn.  It is very light tasting and has a Budweiser after taste.  For those Bud fans out there, I’m sorry but that is not a compliment.

I was pretty disappointed since I do enjoy a Newcastle Brown from time to time and was expecting similar quality.  I guess if I had to choose between a Miller Lite and the Newcastle Summer Ale, I’d choose the Newcastle, but that isn’t saying much.

I’ve had so many other good summer ales this year that I would much rather drink instead.

Overall I give Newcastle Summer Ale a C.

I couldn’t find the ABV or any details about the beer, so I guess they leave that up to your imagaination.

What are your thoughts on Newcastle Summer Ale?

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