Newport Beach officials have imposed a new set of regulations on the Newport Beach Brewing Co. after nearby residents residents complained of brewing company patrons being noisy, fighting, urinating in the parking lot, and even committing vandalism around the neighborhood. What to do has been debated for months by the planning commission and then the City Council.

So, what did they finally decide on? The council opted not to limit liquor sales, but to require the brew pub to provide more security for its parking lot, report detailed information about food and alcohol sales, and come back to the planning commission in a year to see how things have gone in the neighborhood.

Its none of these restrictions that has the brewery up in arms (and actually considering legal action), however. The council has also stated that Prior to 5:00 p.m. each day, the brewpub can only open 1,500 square feet of its space to customers.

Newport Beach Brewing Company property owner S & A Properties told the city in an Aug. 9 letter enforcing the space limitation daily would cause “a substantial impairment” to the business.

The City Council will talk behind closed doors today about a possible lawsuit, which city officials said was mentioned last week by Stephen Miles, the brewery’s attorny.

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