Sorry it’s been a slow bloggin’ week but it’s been a busy real-life week. I hope a happy Halloween was had by all, though! Just wanted to give a few heads ups and a few reminders.

First, The Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale has hit store shelves nationwide. I picked up a 4-pack for about $7 at my local Whole Foods. First impressions: it seems that — as was the case with their Maple Oat Ale —  Peak’s small production, limited release beers certainly pick up where their boring three staple beers leave off. This is the first beer I’ve seen which has coffee or espresso in it that isn’t a stout or a porter. So I was a little nervous to see how the coffee would play with the lighter notes of an amber ale, but the result was a pleasant surprise. I still prefer darker beers when coffee is involved, but the result of the Peak beer is a nice, light, refreshing brew with less overpowering coffee notes. The beer was a little too sweet at first but rounded out nicely as it warmed.

Secondly, now that it’s November – be sure to keep your eyes on package store shelves as we can all expect the first two beers — a Barleywine and an Imperial Porter — from Shipyard’s Pugsley’s Select Series and the return of the RedHook Double Black Stout (I recieved a bomber of the Double Black Stout and an 86% organic dark chocolate bar from RedHook in the mail the other day, so check back here soon for an official review) this month.



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