What’s better than a delivery from FedEx that contains beer? That’s right, a delivery from FedEx that contains amazing beer.

Our friends at InsideTheCeller.com have added the complete year-round lineup from Modern Times Beer out of San Diego to their website.

For those outside of Southern California, you may have not yet heard of the greatness that is Modern Times Beer. I’m sure however you soon will grow to love these guys.

Their first beer became available on June 24, 2013, so they are still very new to the scene. Trying their beer, you’ll never know they are a young brewery. Founder Jacob McKean does have quite a bit of experience both homebrewing, and working for Stone Brewing Co.

For those outside of Southern California you can order their lineup and have them delivered to your door. Each beer comes in a 16oz can that has a simple, yet very stylish design.

InsideTheCellar.com sends them out in a very sturdy package that contains info on each beer, which is an added bonus for those of you like me who like to geek out over the beers I’m drinking.

You can order just the styles you like, or buy a four pack that gives you one of each of the following:

Lomaland Saison

A clean, dry and extremely easy drinking saison. 5.5% ABV. 30 IBU. Click to Buy

Fortunate Islands Session Wheat IPA

It’s as if an IPA and a hefeweizen had a love child. Very sessionable. 4.8% ABV. 46 IBU. Click to Buy

Black House Oatmeal Coffee Stout

This oatmeal coffee stout is brewed with coffee that Modern Times roasts themselves. So much complexities in this beer, perfect for those coffee lovers out there. 5.8% ABV. 40 IBU. Click to Buy

Blazing World Hoppy Amber

They call it a hoppy dank amber. One of my favorites of the four (although all are phenomenal). 6.8% ABV. 85 IBU. Click to Buy

Get The Four Pack

If you want to try one of each, order the four pack and you’ll save a buck. Click to Buy

Order more beer and you’ll save on shipping. For orders of 12 and over bottles/cans, you’ll get free shipping.

At checkout, make sure to enter promo code BAB and they’ll throw in a free Govino travel glass while supplies last.

Please note this post was sponsored by InsideTheCellar.com.