Okay, I don’t want to hear any “your Mom” jokes. It’s Mother’s Day so let’s show a little class!

She gave birth to you, she clothed you, fed you, cleaned up after you, and possibly also had a day job on top of all that. If she was a stay-at-home-mom, Forbes.com estimates she should have earned $115,000 a year for all of the work she did. So at least get your mom a card for their special day, or better yet, a beer.

In honor of these unsung heroes who brave diapers, tee ball games, the angsty years, and your healthy obsession with hair metal, Blog About Beer has put together some brews that fit nicely with the Mother’s Day theme.


Moms work hard. They are cooks, cleaners, nannies, chauffeurs, counselors, teachers, and friends.  So, crack open a Lompoc Proletariat Red for these working class heroes to get this thing going!

Amber in color with plenty of bubbles, hops and caramel waft from the glass with also a light roasty aroma. These aromas carry through into the taste as well, along with just a touch of raisin and toffee. This beer is well-balanced and lingers a bit on the finish.

It is true that not all moms cook or enjoy working in the kitchen. But this next offering speaks to those who do, and those who like to bake.

The smell of banana bread baking is enough to send one’s Pavlovian response into a fervor that is sure to cause foaming at the mouth. They seem to be making all kinds of exotic beers these days and Wells Banana Bread beer is proof of that. Made with fair trade bananas, this unique beverage has banana and bubblegum on the nose. The carbonation is excellent on this beer. With some light breadiness in the taste, and finishing with a banana aftertaste, this particular loaf/bottle of beer may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth a try!

Rounding out this Mother’s Day is a beer simply named Mom Hefeweizen from Rogue Brewing. This beer is a Hefeweizen that is brewed with Oregon rose petals.

With plenty of wheat on the nose, this brew also has light citrus and floral character in the aroma as well. There is some light pepper and clove in the flavor as well. There is also a hint of rose sweetness on the finish, which means you double down on this one by getting your mom a brew AND roses on her big day!

So whether you’re getting flowers or beer or both for your mom this Mother’s Day, let her know you appreciate all that she does!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What will your mom be drinking on Mother’s Day?