Of course it’s always a treat to see local boys doing well, so I was pleased to hear the news this morning that Shipyard’s XXXX IPA (the third installment in the brewery’s four-beer-strong Puglsey Signature Series) recently won a silver medal at the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival in the “Ale Modern Style 6% and Above” category. According to the Shipyard press release, the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival is one of Europe’s largest trade and consumer shows and Shipyard was just one of ten U.S. breweries to medal at the festival.

As I have mentioned before, I am quite happy to see Shipyard working outside of their comfort zone a bit and pushing their own boundaries in the Pugsley Signature Series to produce something other than traditional English-style ales. And in my opinion the result has been four of the best beers the brewery has ever produced.

Along the same vein, the brewery has also announced the release of a small handful of bottles of the Pugsley Barleywine — the first beer in the Pugsley Series — which have been cellar aging for more than 10 months. The bottles, which will look like the original Barleywine 22 ounce bombers only with a gold “Cellar Aged” sticker on them, will be available at select locations across Maine and Florida through December (or while supplies last). Of the aged beer, Pugsley comments,

“As this beer has aged, the flavors have developed to become more complex.”

If you happen to spot any of the cellared Barleywine in the next few weeks, please leave a comment on this post as to where you saw it. It’ll be a fun little game of Where’s Waldo. And congrats to Shipyard for the on-going success of the Pugsley Series!


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  1. We were able to try the Barleywine when visiting the brewery last month, so I would love to try the cellar
    aged for comparison.  I was able to get the Smashed Pumpkin here in Florida, so I like my chances for finding
    the aged Barleywine as well.  I will be sure to let you know.

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