Redhook Brewery announced today that Game Changer Ale, a beer brewed with wings and sports fans in mind, will be available across the United States beginning July 15. Game Changer will also be available at over 925 Buffalo Wild Wings™ restaurants.

“Wings and sports go hand-in-hand, and we know there is demand for a good, flavorful draught beer to complement the two, Redhook Game Changer was created for that purpose. It’s an approachable craft beer that’s not too heavy or too high in alcohol so people can enjoy drinking it responsibly over the course of a whole game. Game Changer’s unique story gives sports fans a new craft with the authenticity of a Redhook brew.” – Andy Thomas, President at Craft Brew Alliance

Redhook Game Changer is a pale ale with a rich amber color. The flavor profile appeals to a broad audience, from light domestic beer drinkers to craft beer drinkers. It is perfectly balanced with a blend of caramel malts and American-grown hops so that it can stand up to hot, spicy wings without overpowering the palate. With an alcohol by volume of 4.6 percent, Redhook Game Changer is a sessionable beer that allows fans to stay in the game all game long.

“We’re all about Wings. Beer. Sports. And we are always looking for new offerings to enhance the Guest experience at our restaurants,” said Kathy Benning, Buffalo Wild Wings™ executive vice president – global marketing, brand and business development. “Our Guests, above all, are sports fans, and they’re looking for that social environment to enjoy the game with their friends. We’re excited to offer them Redhook Game Changer knowing that it was created with them in mind.”

Whether the game’s coming down to the wire or the starters have made way for the bench warmers, Redhook knows sports and knows what sports fans like to drink. Redhook Game Changer Ale joins a roster chock-full of sports centric brews from newcomers like Audible Ale and ECS No Equal Amber Lager to classics like Redhook ESB and Longhammer IPA. Redhook also serves as the official craft brew of hometown University of Washington Athletics

I have a feeling this will be a successful launch for Redhook, especially with the unique tap handles that will definitely stand out in any bar/restaurant.

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