Redhook will proudly introduce a new winter seasonal this year. Winterhook, Redhook’s cold weather seasonal, has featured a new recipe each year since 1985. The public will get its first chance to try this year’s version on Wednesday, October 3rd. The first keg will be tapped at 6 PM at the Redhook Ale Brewery in Portsmouth, NH. Live music will follow after the first pints are poured, featuring The Jumbo Circus Peanuts.

Redhook head brewer, Doug MacNair, is excited about the 2007 Winterhook recipe. Redhook brewers create a special new recipe each year, and MacNair thinks this one is the most balanced and flavorful in years. “This year, our brewers really flexed their muscles and put together a toasty ale with a complex caramel character. The hops have a pleasant, fruity, floral aroma. And the flavor is malty, slightly sweet and warming, with a nice bitter finish to counter the sweetness. With 4 distinct malts and 3 hops varieties, the nice balance is surprisingly smooth,” MacNair said.

Be the first to try Redhook’s most popular seasonal beer. Only at Redhook.

Redhook Ale Brewery – 35 Corporate Drive – Portsmouth, NH 03801

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