Whether it is Count Dracula talking about the “children of the night” and the music they make, or Ozzy Osbourne discussing the pros and cons of barking at the moon, the legends of werewolves have us all both intrigued and locking up our chicken coops at the same time.

The duality of the persona of the werewolf is an exciting concept. The full moon exposing the savage nature of the beast within is an exciting idea.

With a label stating, “You must be sure you wanna taste it,” the Rinkuškiai Werewolf beer from Lithuania is almost daring you to try it. And try it I shall.

Now silver bullets are the tool to use when fighting werewolves, but I am doing everything in my power to avoid discussing “The Silver Bullet” on a well-respected beer blog!

Pouring a clear amber color, the smells of raisins, bread, caramel, and booze waft off the thin head of this 8.2% ABV pooch.

This beer is really quite sweet, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing…and by that I mean if the sheep’s wool was actually cotton candy. The raisin and the bread qualities are present in the taste as well. The finish is really thin, a watery awkwardness which comes across as unbalanced.

Other than the high ABV, this Werewolf was more like a Teen Wolf; awkward and unrefined with a tad too much attitude.



Photography and Editing by Megan Ramos