As the emerald hue of our favorite gourds start to change into brilliant colors of vivid orange, we are faced with real challenges. We must arm ourselves with the tools necessary for vanquishing those who would haunt us and prey upon us as we idly wander the streets looking for one of two things: tricks or treats.

Now, before vampires were bedazzled emo kids with a penchant for sniffing out awkward, off-putting teens, they were actually scary.

One of the easiest ways to dispatch the undead has always been the use of Holy Water. And Southern Oregon Brewing delivers this to us in their Holy Water Maibock Beer.

Pouring an amber/orange color, this 7.1% ABV brew smells of bread and malts and has just a touch of honey and a faint trace of the alcohol on the nose.

The sugar hits you first, like a stake through the heart, while the toasty malts and subtle hop presence reveal themselves to round out this brew.

Overall, this is a decent brew to have on hand for vanquishing the undead or simply vanquishing your thirst!

WARNING!! This product does not actually contain Holy Water. If confronted with the undead, consult a professional!!


Photography and Editing by Megan Ramos