Last week I started a new segment on the blog called T-Shirt Tuesday to showcase craft beer related t-shirts I’ve received from multiple companies.

This week I’ll keep it short and sweet as this t-shirt sells itself.

The shirt comes from a company called Fermented Tees. They offer a small selection of homebrewing and craft beer t-shirts along with a handful of bottle openers.

They just recently opened and so far their products look pretty promising. I’m planning on ordering their mustache keychain bottle opener. My 3 year old daughter loves mustaches, so it would make the perfect addition to my keychain.

Anyways, they let me pick out a t-shirt and I picked out the hops & crossbones. I love it’s simplicity. I’m not going to lie, this is probably my favorite beer related shirt I own.

Hops and Crossbones

Check out the selection at Fermented Tees today.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid advertisement, however they did send me a free shirt…which I love.