The Brewers Association has released their 2008 Beer Style Guidelines. Eleven categories were added to the guidelines this year and of the 11 new categories being introduced, five new additions were added just for barrel-aged beers. If my counting isn’t off — which, at this hour on a Sunday evening it very well might be — there are 140 different styles on the list. Everything from “Garden Beer” and “Japanese Sake-Yeast Beer” to “Bamberg-Style Marzen (Smoke) Rauchbier” or just “Ordinary Bitter”. The 11 new styles for 2008 are:

  • Fresh Hop Ale
  • American-Belgo Styles Ales
  • Leipzig-Style Göse
  • Belgian-Style Blonde Ale
  • Australasian-Style Pale Ale
  • Out of Category- Traditionally Brewed Beers
  • Wood- and Barrel- Aged Beer
  • Wood- and Barrel- Aged Pale to Amber Beer
  • Wood- and Barrel- Aged Dark Beer
  • Wood- and Barrel- Aged Strong Beer
  • Wood- and Barrel- Aged Sour Beer

For the full version of the 2008 Brewers Association Beer Styles Guidelines click here (Warning: very large PDF file).

140 categories sounds like a heck of a challenge to me…

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