Thirsty Dog Labrador Lager ReviewIt’s another great day for a beer review. Today I’m checking out another beer I received from The Original Craft Beer Club in the mail. If you’re curious about beer of the month clubs, check out my new beer of the month club reviews page. I’m going to be signing up to multiple clubs and seeing what each has to offer.

Today’s beer comes from Thirsty Dog Brewing Company out of Akron, Ohio. This is my first beer from this brewery and honestly I didn’t know much about them.

Their Labrador Lager is a traditional German style lager weighing in at 6% ABV with a crazy looking labrador staring at you on the bottle.

Upon cracking open the top, the beer started foaming out the top and took forever to pour. I’m wondering if that was something to do with the altitude when it was shipped or something similar. The bottle was sitting in my fridge for awhile before I poured it.

I’ve never had to wait for so much foam in a beer. In the time to finally get all of the beer poured into the glass, I could have watched the entire first season of Arrested Development.

After waiting around for 25 minutes or so to finally get it in the glass, I was able to try the beer out.

Once in the glass, the off white head hung around for awhile hovering over the glowing yellowish orange brew. Some visible carbonation bubbles were dancing towards the top. It did have a beautiful look to it.

The aroma was packed with bready yet sweet caramel malts laced with a touch of lemon.

Just like the aroma, the flavor is packed with sweet bready malts, lemon, and a touch of spiciness, all of which lead to a fairly complex lager bursting with flavor. This is a lager meant for those who enjoy to taste their beer.

Overall this is one medium body beer that was a lot more complex than I was expecting. Aside from the flood of foam I received, I really enjoy this beer. It’s not just for those dog lovers out there either.

ABV: 6%
IBUs: 27
Style: Dortmunder-Style Lager

What’s your thoughts on Thirsty Dog Labrador Lager?