Brewers AssociationToday the Brewers Association released the top 50 U.S. Craft Breweries list of 2012 based on sales volume as well as the overall top 50 list in the country (macro brewers included).

What’s cool to see is that craft beer is making a bigger and bigger dent in the overall U.S. beer market. This means more and more people are being turned onto drinking beer from smaller and independent companies.

While their list ranks them by size, I was curious as to how many were near me. My home state of Washington isn’t represented, however I only live 10 minutes from Oregon so I took some pride seeing 4 Oregon breweries represented.

I then took the list and split it up so others can see how their states are doing based solely on how many larger craft breweries are in the states. While sales numbers doesn’t really correlate with taste, it’s still interesting to see where the big craft brewers are located.

Here are the results with their overall ranking listed:

Alaska (1)

16 Alaskan Brewing Co.

California (11)

2 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
6 Lagunitas Brewing Co.
10 Stone Brewing Co.
20 Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
21 Anchor Brewing Co.
34 Bear Republic Brewing Co.
38 Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe
39 Karl Strauss Brewing Co.
40 BJ’s Chicago Pizza & Brewery, Inc.
42 North Coast Brewing Co.
46 Ballast Point Brewing Co.

Colorado (5/6)

3 New Belgium Brewing Co.
27 Oskar Blues Brewery
32 CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc. (based in TN and CO. Which state wants to claim them?)
33 Odell Brewing Co.
41 Breckenridge Brewery
43 Left Hand Brewing Co.

Delaware (1)

13 Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Georgia (1)

t. 24 SweetWater Brewing Co.

Louisiana (1)

14 Abita Brewing Co.

Massachusetts (2)

1 Boston Beer Co.
9 Harpoon Brewery

Maryland (1)

29 Flying Dog Brewery

Maine (1)

15 Shipyard Brewing Co.
48 Allagash Brewing Co.

Michigan (2)

7 Bell’s Brewery, Inc.
30 Founders Brewing Co.

Minnesota (2)

23 Summit Brewing Co.
28 Cold Spring Brewing Co./Third Street Brewhouse

Missouri (2)

12 Boulevard Brewing Co.
44 St. Louis Brewery, Inc./Schlafly Beers

Montana (1)

47 Big Sky Brewing Co.

New York (4)

8 Matt Brewing Co.
11 Brooklyn Brewery
36 Blue Point Brewing Co.
37 Southern Tier Brewing Co.

Ohio (1)

19 Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Oregon (4)

5 Deschutes Brewery
22 Rogue Ales
31 Ninkasi Brewing Co.
t. 24 Full Sail Brewing Co.

Pennsylvania (2)

26 Victory Brewing Co.
50  Tröegs Brewing Co.

Tennessee (0/1)

32 CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc. (based in TN and CO. Which state wants to claim them?)

Texas (2)

4 The Gambrinus Co.
45 Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Utah (1)

49 Uinta Brewing Co.

Vermont (1)

18 Long Trail Brewing Co.

Wisconsin (2)

17 New Glarus Brewing Co.
35 Stevens Point Brewery


Logan is the owner of Blog About Beer. Along with blogging, he is also the author of two books, Beer Lover's Oregon and Beer Lover's Washington, an avid homebrewer, husband, dad of 2 girls, business owner and lover of ridiculously spicy foods.


  1. Surprised Ommegang isn’t listed. They have grown enough that they are being sold in east-coast supermarkets.

    • beergeyser Reply

      Although delicious, Ommegang probably wouldn’t make the list as a craft microbrewery because they are owned by a belgian brewery, Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat. The folks that brew Duvel Golden Ale.

  2. Shocked to see North Carolina missing from the list! There are a plethora of high quality breweries here, not to mention being home to Beer City USA (Asheville). Hard to include everything though, I suppose.

    • Kory,

      While North Carolina has plenty of great beer, this list is based completely on sales numbers (not quality). It’s all based on numbers of who sold the most. North Carolina is kind of like Washington state. Both states make great beer, but not a lot of big players in the craft beer space.

  3. Jason Beam Reply

    This would also be nice if it just listed in numerical order as well as sorting by state. Great information though. I was surprised Rouge was high

    • Jason, just click on the link that I listed in the article above to the Brewers Association. They listed them all in order so I didn’t feel the need to copy it. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Since this is a ranking of craft beer, How is it that Boston and Sierra can be in the consideration? Boston is so big that it’s publicly traded (SAM) and Sierra is huge too? they deserve massive props since they started the craft revolution, but they are far bigger than Craft Brewers. I question the criteria of the ranking. (Full disclosure, my Boxers are named Sierra and Nevada).

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