Beer and FitnessWow, it’s towards the end of January and this is the first post I’ve had in a month. Ouch. I’ve been slacking.

Well, to be honest my excitement for writing about beer definitely has been in a slump for me since I’ve started to make some changes to my health.

Starting at the end of November I’ve been meeting with a CrossFit personal trainer 3 times a week and changing my eating habits.

My whole life I haven’t adopted much of a regular exercise routine and I ended up as a lazy out-of-shape slob who was in need of a new wardrobe since my clothes no longer fit.

Sitting in front of a computer 10+ hours a day and drinking 2-3 beers a day (along with eating pretty much anything I wanted all the time) sure didn’t help my waistline. While there are a lot of health benefits with beer, there is no denying the fact that there is a lot of calories in each bottle. Without exercise and proper eating the inevitable beer belly start to develop when you drink a lot.

So with this is mind I decided enough was enough. I was tired of having little energy and feeling bloated all the time and I made some changes in my life.

Part of the changes is that I significantly cut back on the amount of beer I drink. I’ve made a rule for myself that I can only drink on days when I’ve exercised, and I don’t have to drink everyday (although I really want to).

I’ve cut out most grains from my diet (with the exception of beer) and over the past month and a half I have so much more energy. I’m down 16 pounds (still about 10 to go) and am getting strong and stronger every week.

I feel great!

So with the limited amount of beer I’ve been drinking, my excitement for writing about it has decreased.

However, it is just a temporary slump while I turn my body into a fat burning machine and figure out a proper balance.

Craft beer is still a huge passion of mine and I plan on stepping things up and making this blog one of the best on the web.

I’m currently working on my 2012 goals and plans for this blog, let me know in the comments below what you would like to see here?

Thanks for your patience over the past month and heres to a great 2012!