Carlsberg claims it has made “probably the best beer in the world” and they’re backing it up with a price tag to match. According to,

The brewer, Scandinavia’s biggest, introduced a beer today that costs 2,008 Danish kroner ($396.47); the price being based on the year of its introduction. The Vintage No. 1 brew will be sold at three Copenhagen restaurants, including Noma, a holder of two Michelin stars and the world’s 15th-best restaurant in 2007, according to S.Pellegrino.

Carlsberg has produced 600 bottles of the 10.5% ABV beer, each of 37.5 centiliters (a little less than one pint). According to the brewer, the manufacture of this beer isn’t going to stop any time soon, either. Another version — costing 2,009 kroner — will be introduced next year and one for 2,010 kroner the year after, the company said today in an e-mail.

“We’re trying to raise the bar for what a beer can be,” Jens Eiken, the brew master at Jacobsen who developed the product, said today by phone. The beverage is ‘cheap’ considering the amount of time the brewery spent developing it, he said.

Don’t expect any bottles of Vintage No. 1 reaching state-side, however, as no plans have been made (as of yet) to export the brew (oh to be an eBayer in Denmark…). The beer will replace the current most expensive beer in the world — Samuel Adams Utopias — upon the high priced thrown.

Carlsberg Will Sell $400 Beer, World’s Most Expensive” []
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