Dogfish Head NamasteToday I decided to take my 50 beer challenge to the state of Delaware, where I cracked open a big bottle of Dogfish Head Namaste. Namaste is a Belgian style white beer made with dried organic orange slices, lemongrass, and coriander.

I’m always intrigued when I walk into a bottle shop and there is a sign on a certain beer that says “limit 1 per household”. Maybe it’s just because I’m in the west coast, but I had to give Namaste a try, especially since it was the last one on the shelf.

This beer poured a very cloudy golden yellow color with quite a bid of sediment floating around the glass. There was some visible carbonation and a thick layer of white head that lingered around for quite some time before leaving just a little bit of lacing.

It smelled like I was sticking my nose straight into a bowl of fresh cut lemons and oranges. There was some slight spiciness from the coriander with just a touch of malt. Overall a pretty good smelling beer.

I really enjoyed the character of the flavor in this beer.  Upfront it is very much lemongrass with a touch of orange, followed by some spiciness and grains.  It then goes back to a light orange flavor which left my mouth in a good mood.

This is a very light and smooth beer with quite a bit of carbonation, but packed with character. It is definitely a very refreshing beer that I would recommend you try if you haven’t had it yet. The only reason I might not buy it again is that it was around $13 a bottle, which is a bit steep, but it also is a pretty dang good witbier.

My Dogfish Head Namaste Review: A-

Here are the details:

ABV: 5%
IBUs: 20
Style: Witbier

What’s your thoughts on Dogfish Head Namaste?