Dundee Summer Wheat Beer
Dundee Summer Wheat
One of the fun parts about doing my 50 beer challenge is that I get to try a few new beers that a lot of other people haven’t drank yet. Today’s beer is a fairly new summer seasonal and hails from the state of New York. Dundee Brewing Co., which is a part of North American Breweries, recently released their Summer Wheat and sent me a 12 pack to try out.

The Summer Wheat is exactly what the name calls it, an American wheat ale. It comes in both bottles and cans with two dancing grasshoppers wearing old school swimsuits on the label.  Something a little unique about this beer is that it is brewed with a little rye malt, but not quite as much as my review from yesterday.

I poured the beer a little to fast into the glass which gave me a huge amount of fluffy white head on the top which left some pretty magnificent lacing. The beer was a cloudy golden wheat color that had this glow about it that shouted out “drink me.”

The aroma was a touch sweeter than I was expecting with an almost white grape-like champagne smell battling it out with the wheat and pale malt smells. There was some slight hoppy citrus aromas that were pretty subtle underneath.  It is definitely a great smelling beer if you’re a fan of champagne.

I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed the flavor of this guy.  It is super soft with very little alcohol presence which makes it an easy drinking beer.  There is a great balance between the wheat and hop flavors with some fruit and a touch of spices in the background.

I wasn’t expecting all the much from this beer, but I really enjoyed it.  It’s almost a perfect summer beer as its nice and refreshing, has a good flavor but isn’t to bold, and definitely will pair well with some hot days.

While Dundee Brewing might not be known as a top notch brewery, I think they did pretty well with this release and wish they had distribution in my area.

My Dundee Summer Wheat Review: A-

Here are the details:

ABV: 4.5%
IBUs: 18
Style: American Wheat Ale

What’s your thoughts on Dundee Summer Wheat?