new years

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you all had a safe but delicious, beer-filled New Year’s Eve. I just wanted to take a second and thank the thousands of you who visited during 2008; thank you for coming, for reading and for your on-going support.

General readership and especially RSS subscribers continued to climb at an impressive clip all year and I can only hope 2009 will be as successful on the site as this past year was. Thank you!

Here’s to you and yours for a very prosperous and healthful ’09. la’chaim!



  1. How did you like the Alaskan Smoked Porter?  I’ve got a bottle of the 2005 vintage I’ve been aging since I lived in Juneau.

  2. Yeah, it was reallllly good. As was the St Bernardus Christmas Ale which I had for the first time. If you need help with the ’05 bottle, just let me know 🙂

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