Hi everyone, my name is Logan Thompson and I am the new owner of Blog About Beer.  I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself as well as let you know my vision for this site.  As most of you probably know, Luke started up his own brewery (I’m a bit jealous about that still), and didn’t have time to maintain this site.  That’s were I stepped in, took a look at the great content that he has produced over the years (since 2007) and decided to buy the site and have great plans for the future.

Who Am I?

Well to start off I’m currently a 28 year old guy, married to a beautiful wife and have a new daughter who was born in April 2010 (you can see I’m a proud dad).  I currently own an Internet marketing company during the day and brew beer, play drums, volunteer with middle schoolers, keep up to date with the Seahawks and Blazers, and spend time with my family on nights and weekends.  Oh yeah, I’m also known for liking extremely spicy foods.  Whats better to wash down some salsa made with ghost chili’s than a nicely paired beer right?  Ok, maybe more than one beer if I’m eating ghost chili’s. Other than that, I love beer.  I’m not a beer snob, just a fanatic.

I also live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon…

Portland, Oregon? I thought This Was a Portland, Maine Blog?

Yes, I live in Portland, Oregon, one of the greatest craft beer cities in the US.  Why do we have so many breweries in the northwest?  Well, we have great water and excellent climate for growing hops.  I understand that this blog has had a focus on Maine in the past, but I have some big ideas.  Since I’m from the west coast, most of my beer experience comes from the west coast breweries.  However in the future I’d love to get consistent guest posts focusing on different areas of the country to make this a blog featuring beer from Portland to Portland (coast to coast).

What’s To Come?

Over the next few weeks you will start seeing new features on the blog such as the following:

  • Multiple city beer guides (such as the one currently on the site for Portland, Maine).
  • A mobile version of Blog About Beer for your phones.
  • More beer reviews.
  • Videos and interviews with brewers.
  • Lots of new blog posts.
  • Improvements to the blog design.
  • and a whole lot more…

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me as I’d love to hear them.  If you’re ever in the Portland, Oregon area and want to grab a beer I’d love to meet up.  Thanks for the support!

Logan Thompson
Author, BlogAboutBeer.com – July 2010


  1. Welcome! I wish you luck. You will quickly learn that this because a time consuming hobby. I am just starting my blog out and between writing and working out server issues it takes more time then I realized!


  2. I only know of two other Logans – Wolverine and the one from Logan’s run. Both are cool in my book.

    I look forward to watching your run here at Blog About Beer.


  3. The blog looks cool and congrats on the baby. I’m an avid beer drinker and would love to find a resource for getting out-of-town beers delivered to southern California. I think I’ve tapped out Bevmo over the years.

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